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Collected in one post the main questions that we are asked in the comments and the answers to them.

Q: How does Hoof Doctor help with abscesses?

A: Hoof Doctor fights the pathogens. Our product will dry up and keep any infection from setting in again and help the new growth come in healthy.

It works best when the abscess has been opened.

Q: Does it heal White Line?

A: White Line is basically bacteria between the wall and sole. Hoof Doctor works excellent for eliminating White Line and for maintaining proper health.

Q: Does this help with founder?

A: Hoof Doctor is not a cure for founder. It will help with damaged tissue from laminitis or founder. And it will help with healthy growth and improving the health of the overall hoof capsule.

Q: My horse has developed numerous cracks on her hooves. Would this work?

A: Yes, it will maintain proper moisture levels in the hoof and helps to fight the pathogens that gets into the cracks and causes the wall to crumble.

Q: My horse is always sore on the front because of her soft hooves.

A: Yes. Hoof Doctor will help to improve the health of the new growth and make the hoof and sole more durable.

Q: So you can use this as a preventive measure in hoof care too? How often would you use to help prevent problems?

A: For preventive measures, use three times a week on the whole hoof.

Q: Is this used on the sole and frog or just the hoof?

A: The whole hoof. Sole, frog, hoof wall, hairline.

Q: Does it contain pine tar?

A: No.

Q: During the rainy season in Florida, this won't work; this is more for moisturizing the hoof in the dry weather?

A: Our product effectively maintains proper moisture levels in the hoof in any climate, wet or dry. The hoof absorbs the product very well and it makes a protective film that protects the hoof from excess moisture.

Q: Will the dirt gets all stuck to it?

A: Our product is not sticky at all. The hoof absorbs the product very quickly and the dirt does not bother it.

Q: Is it safe to use on a yearling / mini donkey / large donkey / cattle / sheep / cow / goat?

A: Yes. It is completely safe and useful for all types of hooves. We have a veterinary health approval number on every can: Veterinary Health Product (VHP): NN.B8J2

Q: Works great, but so expensive

A: One can lasts a horse about a month, so $1.20 a day is a good deal for healthy hooves.

Q: I'm not sure if I should try the Hoof Doctor.

A: You should! Because we have a money-back guarantee if you don't like the results.

Ask in the comments if we missed something 🧐