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About Us
Mineral Medix office in Toronto

Mineral Medix

has been established in 2014. It is a Canada-based company producer & distributor of Natural Health Products in North America.

In 2015 the company received approval from Health Canada for the line of natural detoxification products based on Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) mineral. Zeolite is known for its properties to remove radiation, heavy metals, and free radicals from the environment and has actively been used since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

In 2018 the company received approval from Health Canada. It released a line with traditional natural herb ingredients, with the most advanced and efficient formulas to fight targeted symptoms and problems for men and women. The Guard+ line is continually growing, and the company invests lots of effort to make the products unique and compelling.

In 2019 the company developed the most welcomed product in the equine industry - Hoof Doctor. The product uses ancient and modern knowledge of birch bark and uses its components to create the solution that will accommodate the need of every farrier and/or horse owner.

In 2020 the company produced a line of hand sanitizing products that helped thousands of people not get infected.

In 2021 the FDA has advised the company not to use the word "Doctor" in the product name; as such, the product in the US is no longer available under the name "Hoof Doctor" and sold under the brand "Equine One" - "Natural Hoof Dressing."

Currently, the company has five different lines of products:

  • GUARD+ - Advanced Natural Health Products
  • Hoof Doctor / Equine One - Line of Equine products designed to fight most common hoof and skin related products
  • ZeoDetox - The most effective products to adsorb toxins, heavy metals, radioactive elements, and free radicals that may have entered your body with drinking water or food
  • ZeoPad - Univeral Water Sorbent Purifier
    The application of ZeoPad in the water treatment process helps supply your body with chemically and biologically pure water.
  • ZeoPet - Advanced Health Care for Your Pet
    ZeoPet complex nutritional supplements have been developed with special grinds and mineral compositions to adsorb harmful environmental pollutants and encourage optimal health in dogs, puppies and cats.
Farrier Industry AssociationMineral Medix is a proud member of the Farrier Industry Association and exhibits its products on American Farrier's Association Conventions.