Hoof Doctor - Solution for Thrush, Cracks, Abscesses, & other problems

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Do you really need to apply Hoof Doctor?

  • All of our products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals
  • Hoof Doctor promotes external health allowing internal and sensitive structures to do their job, but alone will generally not fix your problem. Hoof Doctor is one pillar of an overall approach to a healthier horse
  • Hoof Doctor is doesn't clog the pores of the wall. It fills voids and fissures that can be pathways to pathogens. If the hoof has been invaded by bacteria or fungus, the product must be applied to the coronet band, hoof wall, frog, bulb, and sole as indicated
Birch Bark Extract
Consists of hundreds of active ingredients known for their unique properties
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Omega 3 Oil
with Vitamins A & D
An aid in moisturizing dry and brittle hooves, source of Vitamins A &  D
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Main component in Birch Bark. Supports the primary ingredient
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No Harmful Products
Non-caustic formulations
Non-caustic formulations ( Copper sulfate, formalin, solvents, and etc)
No harmful or petroleum-based products
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Hoof Wall Cracks

Quarter Crack

Corns and Sole Bruises

Hoof Doctor
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473mL / 16fl.oz

Hoof Doctor

Hoof Doctor is a unique product based on Birch Bark Extract, Omega 3, Betulin, Vitamins A & D. Works great with all types of hooves:...

Mode of Application

Shake, Clean, Apply, Done

Step 01

Shake well before use

Step 02

Clean the hoof of visible mud. Towel dry the bottom of the foot

Step 03

Apply the product generously with the supplied brush to the sole and frog then put foot down, and apply to the coronet band and wall

Step 04

No wait time (maybe a couple of minutes) and you can turn out right away

The product has a distinctive smoky smell

Apply three (3) times a week

For severe conditions, apply twice a day for at least a week

AFA, OFA, and FITS, Author of Farrier Research & Studies
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Eric A.
CJF, Former President of American Farrier Association
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AFA, OFA, Olympic and Pan Am Team Farrier
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Director of Canadian Quarter Horse Association
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